To obtain a cutting-edge build of the Starlink Software Collection, run one of the following commands:


If you encounter any problems with these builds, email for assistance.

Post-installation Run-up

To set up your environment for use with the Starlink Software Collection, first set the STARLINK_DIR environment variable to the location of the stardev directory. For example, if you downloaded the tarball to /home/person/software and unzipped it there, the STARLINK_DIR environment variable to /home/person/software/stardev. It is recommended that you edit the stardev/etc/login, stardev/etc/cshrc and stardev/etc/profile files to set this environment variable at the top of each file.

To use the Starlink Software Collection on csh and related shells (like tcsh), source $STARLINK_DIR/etc/login and $STARLINK_DIR/etc/cshrc. On sh and related shells (like bash), source $STARLINK_DIR/etc/profile.


Because of the large size of WFCAM calibration files, they have been split off from the main download tarballs, as not everybody will be reducing WFCAM data using ORAC-DR. These calibrations can be downloaded here (901MB .tar.gz). The tar file will unzip into a wfcam/ directory in the directory you downloaded the tar file to. To install these calibration files, copy the directory into the $STARLINK_DIR/bin/oracdr/cal/ directory, thus creating the $STARLINK_DIR/bin/oracdr/cal/wfcam/ directory containing the calibration files.

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